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Kitchen staff, Ogunquit

Kitchen staff, Ogunquit
Kitchen staff, Ogunquit
  • Актуална: Актуална работна оферта
  • Щат: МЕ
  • Локация: Ogunquit
  • Работна позиция: Cook, Staff
  • Заплащане: 18$-20$/h
  • Настаняване: 125$ weekly
  • Часове на седмица: 40+
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need kitchen staff, up to 40 hours a week, $20 per hour with experience, $18 without but after training we would consider a raise to $20 plus.

Food runner, deliver food to tables and light bussing, $13 per hour plus tips.

Servers, with at least some experience, $6.34 plus tips, generally @$200 plus a night.