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Front Desk Clerk

Front Desk Clerk
Front Desk Clerk
  • Актуална: Актуална работна оферта
  • Щат: NJ
  • Локация: Wildwood
  • Работна позиция: Front Desk
  • Заплащане: 15$/h
  • Настаняване: 170$ weekly
  • Часове на седмица: 40
0 лв
без ДДС: 0 лв


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: interacting with clients (telephone and face to face) in order to
best help them with their needs; performing check-in and check-out operations, providing assistance to any of the
customer's demands, making reservations. Students need to respect all the duties assigned by the manager.
Advanced/Fluent English skills required (10 out of 10).

Start date 05.20.2024 End date 09.30.2024